A couple of years ago ward profiles were set up for Trafford. They contained a huge amount of data, including demographics, education, health, crime, economy, and many others. It was the original intention that these profiles would be dynamic, in that they would be updated on a very regular basis. Unfortunately, despite being a popular section on the site - the very complicated update process made the pages unsustainable. It was also very difficult to add new content to the profiles, so they kind of withered.

The Lab has now picked up these area profiles and is looking at better ways of making and maintaining them, and we think that we have got very close now to doing this. We've significantly improved the way we store and manage our data, so we've got to a point now where we are able to do things like this, very easily:

This is the first, and pretty rough example of what we'll put in our area profiles. We now need to do some work on presenting this data - putting it into a usable package, probably centred around a map, with visualisations and access to the data. We also need to work out what kinds of data we want to include in these profiles. We'll start with the key demographics, and then work from there. The beauty of this way of doing things is that it's pretty trivial to add or change new datasets / items, so if you have something specific that you'd want included in an area profile - let us know.