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Population estimates by single year of age are provided by the Office For National Statistics. They are typically provided in November of each year, and are relevant to the previous year. So the data we have here for Trafford's wards, by single year of age, is 2013 data.

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Trafford England
Age Total Males Females Total Males Females Total Males Females

Ethnicity, religion and language are all gathered during the national Census, which was carried out in 2011. This means the data is quite out of date, but is still useful as supporting information for applications for grant funding, or to help understand how to deliver services in an area. This is the best information of its kind that is available.

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Ethnicity Trafford England
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Religion Trafford England
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Language Trafford England
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ACORN is an acronym, which stands for A Classification of Residental Neighbourhoods. This is a dataset that we purchase from a company called CACI. The dataset that we have classifies individual postcodes, into three tiers. Classification methodology is secret - but involves CACI buying data from organisations such as insurance companies, banks, surveyers. They then mix all this data together to make a series of categorisations of the types of people that live in each postcode, and the sorts of activities, characteristics or behaviours they might have. This is based on a lot of assumption, but it is actually useful as a dataset for understanding the sorts of people that live in the different parts of Trafford.

A condition of the licence for this data is that we cannot give the postcode level data to any other organisation. We can, however, work in partnership with others, using the data. If you feel that this dataset might be useful, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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ACORN Category Trafford England
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ACORN Group Trafford England
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Please get in touch if you'd like more or different information about the population and demographics of Trafford.